Professional Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System at Its Best

Grease fires can happen when your hoods, ducts and fans are not cleaned properly and with regular frequency!  Your insurance company requires periodic cleanings based on the NFPA 96 Guidelines.

If your restaurant experiences a fire, NFPA 96 guidelines are what the insurance companies will use to determine who is at fault. Out of sight out of mind is how many restaurant owners regard their Kitchen’s Exhaust System. Don’t be caught off guard. Protect yourself!  Call HoodPro!  We have developed a Proprietary 3-Step Process to clean your exhaust system down to bare metal. With HoodPro...we do the job right the first time!

Regularly performed, professional cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system has the following additional benefits:

·         Minimized product contamination

·         Improved health standards

·         Enhanced public image

·         Improved ventilation for smoke and odor removal

·         Compliance with local and national fire and health codes

·         Improved government ratings

·         Increased energy savings

·         Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff

HoodPro Exhaust Hood cleaning delivers the absolute highest quality service in Ottawa & Surrounding Areas. Our Exhaust Hood Cleaning Techs will do what it takes to ensure your Kitchens exhaust hood system is as grease free as possible! We provide extremely detailed Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services.

With HoodPro you always receive the Best for Less!


We will perform a FREE hood system inspection; provide a detailed report of the current condition of your system along with an estimate to have it cleaned correctly. Don’t risk your establishment’s safety to a grease fire! We deliver hassle free scheduling. Our Techs show up as promised. We deliver top quality for less!


We take the time to do the job correctly the first time.

Upon completion of the cleaning process, a Proof of Performance decal is posted on the hood canopy in plain view of the Fire Marshall, Department of Health or Insurance Agent.

With HoodPro's service we take every precaution to ensure our work areas are thoroughly protected, our staffs hangs plastic around the base of the hood and over all appliances so water, grease and debris extracted during the cleaning process are diverted to appropriate containers and drains. Our Service includes:

·         Complete Cleaning of Hoods, Fans, Ducts, Filters

·         Protect & Cover all Equipment

·         Clean up Work Areas

·         Detailed Polish of All Stainless Steel Exposures in the Hood Interior

·         Floors are scrubbed and mopped after every service.

·         We leave no Mess Behind

·         Follow-up Report noting any deficiencies

Experience the best service in Ottawa & Surrounding Areas

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